This morning my daughter went to make a pot of coffee. The bean grinder wasn't working so she asked me for help. 

"Tap it on the side," I said.

She tapped it. It was the WEAKEST wimpiest tap ever...

But it's the only tap she knew how to do. ...

So I go over to the bean grinder and I give it a big WHACK.

Boom. The bean grinder worked again.

Thing is, my daughter had no idea it was possible to hit the bean grinder that hard. It wasn't that she didn't have the muscle, its just that she didn't THINK to hit it that hard. 

What came to me this morning when this happened was the parallel with what I experience when I first started building my business. 

When I first decided to help other people get healthy, I created a group challenge and then tried to fill it...

I posted about it on my personal profile, handed out business cards...


Eventually, I asked for help.

I got a mentor. Someone who had more experience than I did.


My calendar filled up. 

And so did my bank account.

Because my mentor gave me the strategies and tactics I needed to make the bean grinder work. I just didn't know about them before.

Moral of the story is ASK.

Just like when my daughter couldn't get the bean grinder to work and she asked someone more experienced to help her, I encourage you to reach out and get help.

Speaking of mentors, that is exactly what we offer here at the The Health Coach Business Badassery....

We have a powerful mentorship inside our Health Coach to 100k Mastermind program where we mentor you in an intimate, private setting, hold your hand while you launch your business to making 100k and beyond THIS YEAR.

Don't keep tapping the bean grinder with a weak tap. Ask for help...apply for the Health Coach to 100k Mastermind today.



PS - If you are so done working yourself to the bone trying to get clients or people to join your group challenge, I beg you to stop now. Consider learning how to build an ATTRACTA-licious selling machine so you can sit back and let the clients come to you. Apply today -- Book your free Business Blueprint call

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