Stop Learning Without Earning

Tell me. How many certifications do you have? 

Are you thinking about getting another one?

Maybe you feel like you'll be more confident if you had another one....

Or perhaps you think you're not qualified to start charging for your services unless you get that next certification. ... Read on my friend.

Number one reason why health coaches, healers & holistic practitioners are not earning even though they're high qualified is fear.

Fear of being visible, taking risks, investing. Creating a business is messy and takes massive imperfect action and courage....

And what we find is that it's far more comfortable to go get another certification...

Because learning is fun. It feels good to get certified.

So we take the feel good path of more learning.

Don't let this be you. I encourage you to break through that resistance to the messy business of building a virtual practice.

You have gifts to bring to the world, so get out there and fill your calendar and fill your bank account ..

You can always get another certification .... later....

AFTER you're making 100k per year or more.


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