3 Types of Resistance That Will Put the Brakes on Your Business

Resistance has a sneaky way of wedging itself between us and our dreams... 

Between us and our business...

You can tell when its there because you haven't done what you said you were going to do.

You can't see it, touch it, smell it, but you can FEEL it.

Here is what I have found about where and when the 3 types of Resistance show up every time...

#1 - When You Seek To Do Something Creative

For example, if you've always wanted to write a book about that topic that you know you are meant to write. ...

But you haven't written it yet,

THAT's Resistance right there.

It usually shows up when we are seeking to create big things. Things that take courage, discipline, vulnerability or creativity.....Resistance is sure to show up.

#2 - When You Embark On An Entrepreneurial Journey

Trying to build your practice online? Where you are putting yourself out there, being visible, reaching deep down for every ounce of confidence?

BOOM. Resistance will be there in an INSTANT.

#3 - When You Take a Stand

Taking a stand for something in the face of adversity is the primo real estate for Resistance.

If Resistance was real estate, you taking a stand would be its location, location, location mantra.

When you go out and start building your practice online, people ARE NOT going to believe in you. Your friends and family might thing you're nuts, put your silly business idea down, say there's too much competition (they're all wrong by the way) ... You are going to have to take a stand for yourself.

And guess who will be right by your side? Yup. Good ol' Resistance.

So, what to do about this sneaky little demon?

First, make a decision. When you decide you are ruling out all other options and this like giving Resistance

Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Find an accountability group, join a mastermind, find others who are walking the same path.

Get a mentor. Its hard enough to do this big thing called building a virtual practice with Resistance by your side. If you can partner up with someone who has ALREADY BEEN THERE.. been to the burning bush, you can benefit from all of their lessons.

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