3 Reasons Why You're Struggling in Your Business

Have you been struggling in your business for a while and wondering why? If so it might be because of one of these 3 reasons.

Reason #1 You're not clear on what you're selling. If you can't rattle off 3-5 benefits of working with you or the exact results that you help your clients achieve, then how do you expect your prospect to believe you that you can help them? Your homework: Define exactly what it is that you help clients achieve. Avoid general terms like "improve your health" or "live a healthy lifestyle." Use specific descriptors so your prospects can visualize themselves getting those results. For example, "Boost your energy so you can come home from work and still have energy for your family and hobbies at the end of the day." Or "Lose the weight so you can fit back into your skinny jeans again." Reason #2 You're not not crystal clear on your offer. Do you have a signature program with a SYSTEM? Can you rattle off the features, benefits, outcomes and inclusions of your program? If not, your prospect wont have clarity either and a confused mind never buys. Your homework: List out the inclusions of your Signature Program. How long? How many sessions. What will you do in each session.

Reason #3 You're not asking for the cash. This one is huge. If you aren't asking for the sale, you're not going to make any sales. You have to ask. At the end of your conversation, when you've determined you can help the person and they are ready to work with you, say, "and the investment is $___. How can I help you get started today?" Period. Don't over-complicate it and don't let your own money baggage get in the way. xo Dawn​​​​ PS - If you found this helpful, you might benefit from our Health Coach to 100k Mastermind program. Apply today -- Book your free Business Blueprint call today to find out how you can overcome these 3 blocks and more to fill your calendar and your bank account.

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