How to Find Your Ideal Client in a Sea of 2 Billion People

I was talking to a health coach the other day and she said she was clear on her ideal client.

"I help people with IBS," she said. "Great!" I said. "So what's the problem?" "I don't know how to find them."

I talk to a lot of health coaches, healers & holistic practitioners who know exactly who their ideal client is.... but they just don't know how to reach them.

If you're trying to make a fantastic income by helping your ideal clients, then this is a big problem.

You don't know the methods to tap into the abundant supply of paying clients! But that's okay, I'm going to teach it to you in this free mini-masterclass.

First of all. There are 2 billion people on Facebook each month.

Do you know HOW BIG 2 Billion is? Its really, really, really big.

So big it is hard for the human brain to understand. Let's put it in context.

If you lived to be 11 days old, you'd be a million seconds old.

If you lived for a billion seconds, you'd be 31 YEARS old.

That, my friend, is how much bigger a billion is than a million.

And here's the deal. Facebook knows EVERYTHING about us. They know if you like yoga, if you're pregnant, where you went to school. They even know if you wiped your butt this morning. EVERYTHING.

Pretty creepy as a user. But Friggin AWWWWESOME as an advertiser.

So if you are to tap into the sea of 2 Billion people to find your ideal client, you can. You've got to be willing to venture into the world of paid advertising.

And if you want a mentor to show you how, if you want to avoid racking up 1000s on your credit card with nothing to show for it like I did, then I encourage to you have a conversation with me or my team.



PS - Book your free Business Blueprint call today to find out how you can fill your calendar and your bank account by finding your ideal client in a sea of 2 billion people.

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