Creating Content Using the Umbrella Approach

Does the idea of free content make you sweat? Do you ever feel like you have to stay in touch with your audience but you don't know what you say?

Maybe you do have something to say but you fear that you'll say something everyone already knows?

Or you'll say something they aren't interested in? Totally normal to have all kinds of fears come up when you create content for you audience.

In today's video I show you how to produce as much content as possible with the least amount of work. How to have an endless supply of topics to write about it.

What are you going to write about today?

How to produce an endless supply of content is just one of the many powerful growth tactics we teach in The Health Coach to 100k & Beyond, where you will fill your calendar and fill your bank account so you can make 100K & Beyond THIS YEAR in your virtual practice.

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