Crafting Your Offer as a New Opportunity

Have you ever been the first one of your friends to discover a new face cream?

A new fad diet?

A new clapper device for when you lose your keys?

A new gal in the neighborhood who gives the best mani pedi EVER?

So ya, we love to discover new things....

And we get excited about them. We tell our friends and family. We talk about it because we are so excited!


Now. Let's look at this a bit different. ...

What about if the same old lady who's been giving everyone mani pedis in your circle for years....

..all of a sudden got a new gel kit that supposedly makes the polish last longer.

WOOT you say? Um no.

Not quiiiite as exciting huh. Nope. That's because NOBODY CARES about minor improvements on old things.

Nobody gets as excited about an improvement on an old thing as they do about the discovery of a new opportunity.

The same applies to your health coaching business.

Did you hear me? Yes, your health coaching business.

Steve Jobs said this? "Any strong movement had a new opportunity presented.”

When we are crafting our offer, we have to craft it it NOT in terms of fixing what is not working, but instead to REPLACE what is not working with something better.

Something new.

Here's why. Improvement is hard.

Your potential clients have tried that old thing before, they know the difficulties and they don’t want to go through that pain again.

Your new opportunity is all new, they don’t know the process, they don’t have to go through the pain to get the result.

Besides, we all hate admitting that we made a poor decision.

If you are just saying that you can improve your life or your health, you have to admit that you made a bad decision.

So we make it not our clients faults. Because really its not their fault. You know that. Its a myriad of factors that led them to where they are today.

Your offer is what is going to make or break your discovery call. It must be compelling.

So. Ready to learn how to craft your offer?

Ready to learn how to how to fill your calendar and fill your bank account with a virtual practice?

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