Office Hours: Health Coaches Deal with Fear

Fear is one of my favorite topics to talk about.

Fear is really a dream killer.

I used to be so fearful, riddled with fear, fear stopped me from doing everything.

It was through the process of stepping into fear and overcoming my fears that I was slowly able to transform my life and my business into something that I get to do today with this, with this Bootcamp and helping health coaches help more people.

Every single person is born with fear. We all have it.

Sometimes we see super successful people and think they seem so confident and we assume that they were just born that way... And the truth is, they weren't born that way.

Most of them still feel fear every time you go on stage or they put themselves out there.

We are all born with fear and it's just the ones who are the ones who actually make their dreams come true, are the ones who are willing to face their fears and step through them.

So don't let fear steal your dreams of being an online entrepreneur, being a health coach and getting clients in a virtual practice.

We hear people talking about fear of success or fear of failure or fear of putting myself out there....fear of rejection or fear of looking stupid or fear of public speaking...

And those are all valid fears.

They really are real.

But they were learned! We learned them!

We were all actually born as humans with only two fears... and that is the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. That's it.

We're born with those two fears. Every single other fear was learned.

The good news about that they can be unlearned. You can learn new skills to replace those fears, but it does require facing them.

The fear of falling and fear of loud noises, and that actually comes from the ancient brain, the Amygdala, and as health coaches, you guys probably know a lot about that.

But what's preventing you from moving forward from getting those clients, booking those discovery calls with your ideal client, what's holding you back?

With most health coaches that I've worked with, the answer is fear.

Flip your fear into excitement and start stepping into action. Fear and excitement are on the same neural pathways, so if you can consciously think about that fearful thing as something that you were excited about, you can move forward into action and start experiencing that you don't die!

My mission as a business coach is to help coaches is make great livings, but I really ultimately want to have a greater impact on the health of the individuals on the planet that need it.

There are so many people that are suffering needlessly and if I can help more health coaches reach more people to get healthy then I am making a greater impact on health of the planet, which is truly fulfilling for me ... and its what drive me to continue stepping into my fears.

And now I'm doing what I love. It really has a ripple effect.

So when you guys are reaching your clients, you're changing their lives, you're teaching them what they couldn't do on their own and they need you.

And that's my goal - to help health coaches reach more people.

And none of that would be possible if I hadn't flipped my fear into excitement and stepped into massive action.

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