Office Hours: Using a Blueprint on a Discovery Call

The best way to build a practice is to do lots of discovery calls. This takes time. Like, you have to carve out at least 20% of your time to constantly fill a portion of your calendar with discovery calls.

Listen to this week's office hours to learn how to save time while also offering a gift as incentive for your prospects to join you on a discovery call.

Discovery calls are where its at when it comes to first starting out as a virtual health coach. Learning how to fill your calendar with discovery calls is one thing ... (we teach this in the Health Coach Business Bootcamp) but once you have the discovery calls, knowing how to master them is key to growing your business quickly.

Tip #1 - Have a Blueprint

You are way too busy to spend time prepping for each discovery call and following up after the call. Have your calls templatized. Each call is the same when you have one template or powerpoint deck that you go through with each prospect. When you're done with the call you can just shoot them the completed template that you filled out together while on the discovery call.

Tip #2 - Build Trust by Giving Massive Value

The number one reason people wont commit and invest financial resources to work with you is that they don't trust you yet. What better way to show them you can help them, than by ACTUALLY helping them while on the discovery call.

This is not giving out free coaching but its giving just enough of your goodness that they want more of the good stuff.

Tip #3 - Evaluate Your Beliefs

When you're on the discovery call, what beliefs do you have about yourself? Are you 10-foot tall and bulletproof or are you feeling

Health Coach schools teach you how to be a health coach, but they don't teach you how to attract clients and build a big business fast.

Get off the slow boat and learn how to fill your calendar and fill your bank account with a virtual practice, FAST.

We teach you step-by-step how to fill your calendar in The Health Coach Business Bootcamp. Book a call here to claim your free Business Blueprint and learn more about how you can earn 100K and Beyond THIS YEAR as a health coach, healer or holistic practitioner.

xo Dawn


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