I'm gearing up for a fun and HEALTHY holiday season and I hope you are too. In the spirit of preventing those 5-10 holiday pounds, of keeping your energy levels up for the busy season ahead and of staying unruffled when you're visiting those relatives that aren't exactly, well, your favorites...I've provided some healthy tips below.

1) Keep the focus on fun (not food) Rather than planning gatherings around meals, plan around activities such as caroling or ice skating to keep snacking to a minimum. For the dinner parties, put the focus on interacting with games and ice breakers. Pass out different-sized nuts and bolts and telling party-goers to find their counterpart. Deal out playing cards and have guests find those who match their number 2) Indulge in only the MOST special holiday treats Skip the store-bought stack of uniform cookies because you know they're not THAT great, right? Instead save your indulgences for only the most delicious, your absolute favorites. You consume less and enjoy more! 3) Stay physically active Don't let shopping get in the way of too many work outs. Your goal should be to get in some movement every single day. This activates everything in your body to keep you feeling good, your metabolism revved and boosting immunity. 4) Pour the gravy and sauces lightly The average holiday meal can quickly and easily climb to over 1500 calories if you're not careful. One simple way besides portion control is to take about half the gravy and sauce you think you'll need. Discover what new tasty delights you experience when you have less sauce! 5) Don’t skip meals Getting ready for a big holiday meal or a holiday party with lots of delicious apps? A common mistake is to not eat all day so you'll have "room" and you can indulge. Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT skip meals! First of all, this causes your blood sugar to dip leaving you less energetic and less mentally sharp which is probably not what you want when you arrive and mingle with all your friends and family. Second, you'll be so hungry by meal time that you'll likely overeat and feel uncomfortable. My favorite strategy is to have a shake an hour or two so before I go to the party so that by the time the meal is served its been about 3 hours since I ate last and I'm just hungry enough to have healthy portions. 6) Two shakes a day If you are eating a big holiday meal that night, the best approach is to have two superfood shakes earlier in the day: one for breakfast and one for lunch. In fact, this is a great approach for every day, year round because it ensures you're fueling with the highest quality protein on the planet that your muscles need to fight sarcopenia (if you're over 35) and it also ensures you're getting all 100% of highly bio-available trace minerals you need every single day (you're just not going to get it with grocery store food, period.) Whey protein boosts immunity too, so if you're not dairy free, another great say to stay healthy through the holidays. 7) Try the “Maybe later” line When Aunt Edna brings around her apple pie, and you know Aunt Edna takes it personally when we don't eat her apple pie, one way to get out of the deal is to say "Maybe Later." Hopefully she'll forget! 8) De-stress Holidays can be a stressful time. You may be working, and feel the stress of managing your work duties along with additional commitments to your friends and family. You may feel the financial stress of gifts and the interpersonal stress of conflicts. This has historically been a real challenge for me every holiday season. Two simple solutions that work really well for me are our proprietary adaptogen tonic and You Share, They Share, Repeat. Our adaptogen tonic keeps me cool and unruffled with plenty of mental clarity and natural energy. One serving per day in the morning is all you need. Its my "Mommy Juice!" And of course, my favorite way to help people deflate the financial stresses of the holidays is to show them how sharing our nutritional systems with others can result in a nice deposit to your bank account just for helping someone else get healthy. 9) Stay hydrated

Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. It helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. If you're not hydrated, your body can't perform at its highest level. Hydration is especially important if you're consuming alcohol at those festivities to bring your body back to optimal levels. Your goal should be to drink half your body weight in ounces daily. Yes, herbal tea counts!

10) Treat yourself The holiday spirit is about helping others around you, but you also have to make time to take care of yourself. So treat yourself with something relaxing over the holidays. It may be something as simple as sleep. Wake up late and enjoy a day of rest; you deserve it. I challenge everyone this month to claim ONE rest day for themselves. Me first!

Did this help you, inspire you or remind you in some way that you CAN feel fantastic, energetic and steadfast on your self care hrough the holidays? Let me know! Shoot me a note here or just email me at

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