i'm dawn!

I'm the founder of The Health Coach to 100K & Beyond, a program for health coaches, healers and holistic practitioners to learn how to build a thriving virtual practice so they can live their purpose and make a great living doing it.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are in the right place:

  • Tired of going to networking events and struggling to get new clients in your current approach to growing your business?

  • Hate public speaking and tired of putting together workshops only to give away free consultations that don't result in clients?

  • Frustrated with knowing that you can help so many people but just can’t seem to get the message across and have people say YES to what you can offer them?

  • So done pumping out content, wrestling with websites and fussing with email without getting anywhere?

  • Looking for a NEW WAY to attract clients to your health coaching business?

  • Want a simple, turnkey system that takes you from zero to a full calendar FAST?

  • Looking to help more people AND have more time, freedom and financial abundance in your life?

I'm here to take the mystery out of taking your business online and getting your ideal clients lining up to work with you. Together, we enable you to be found by the exact souls on this planet who need you most - and who are searching for you.

Hang out with us in our Health Coach Community for Business Badassery where you'll learn how to turn on your business with a turnkey system and enables you to fill your calendar (and fill your bank account) with a thriving virtual coaching practice.


I believe in you!



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