FB LivE interview tips

1) FB Live Interviews MUST be done on a mobile device. If you're on a laptop, its a no-go.

2) Be in HORIZONTAL Mode. If you need to turn of the profile lock, do that. If you are in vertical mode, you'll look like a tiny square in the corner.

3) Turn on your "Do Not Disturb." If someone calls you while you are live, you will be disconnected from the live.

4) Be in a quiet place with good lighting.

5) Use a tripod or phone holder so you aren't wiggly jiggly. That would be distracting!

6) Be confident and be prepared to brag about how awesome you are and how you help people achieve transformations in their health & wellness!

7) Use Messenger or Text to communicate with your interview partner a few minutes in advance of your Live appointment.