hi, i'm dawn!

Dawn Friedland, CEO of The Health Coach Empowerment Company, is a highly sought after business strategist who teaches female health coaches how to live their purpose and make a great living doing it (to the tune of 100k and more). 


Prior to foundingThe Health Coach Empowerment Company, Dawn enjoyed a 17-year career helping companies take e-commerce & advertising systems to market. The pay was great and client work fantastic, but the work was draining, the hours were grueling, she neglected her health in favor of others, and she was missing her kids' childhood. 

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In 2015 her child was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Saving her child's life while working full time, creating normalcy for the rest of her family - took everything she had. 


By this time she was fat, fatigued and inflamed. She suffered from Hashimotos, adrenal fatigue, alopecia areata, IBS, depression, anxiety and chronic infections. 


She sought help from a health coach who shared a solution to her stress, toxicity and 20 sticky pounds. She was skeptical because she thought she knew everything already (“look where THAT got me!”). But she committed to the program. The fat melted off and her energy levels went sky high. 


She began seeing a naturopath, an Ayurvedic practitioner, an EFT practitioner and had several transformative sessions with a spiritual healer. Her health transformed and so did her relationships. For the first time over a decade she stopped to look up and notice how truly short life is. 


She made a radical change, quit her job and began living into her true authentic self. She set a laser focus on helping people get healthy. Because she now believed everyone on the planet deserves to wake up every day feeling as good as she was.


She knew she could not do it alone, so she looked within to uncover her true gifts. She realized she’d been paid so handsomely in her corporate career for a reason - she was gifted at simplifying the complex, converting the ambiguous into clarity, transforming the abstract into concrete, and creating & communicating easy to follow plans that led to a goal.


She decided to leverage her gifts to bring health to the world. By helping health coaches help more people, she could help the masses go from surviving to thriving, like she did.


With 2 billion people on social media, a health crisis and health coaches serving globally from a work-anywhere location, Dawn’s vision was to pull it all together into a platform for any health coach to be found by the exact souls on the planet who needed them most while also enabling these health coaches to be rewarded for their contribution with financial abundance and the time freedom to do more of what they loved. 


Dawn is a certified Law of Attraction Coach and certified Health Coach. She practices Ho'oponopono and EFT daily, loves licorice tea and vegetables for breakfast. 


She currently resides in Seattle, Washington where she and her husband have 3 businesses, 3 beautiful children, 3 cats and 6 chickens. 


(Dawn is grateful to share that her child is fully recovered!)